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History of Forest Lake Country Club


Originally organized in 1926 by Col. Edwin S. George, Forest Lake Country Club was the ultimate in a small exclusive family club. Starting with 125 acres of gently rolling land which Col.George deeded to the club and which he considered to be the loveliest site in this area, each detail of planning and construction was carefully designed to provide the finest facilities for recreation and enjoyment.

By 1926, the clubhouse, golf course and swimming pool were completed and some 175 members were active. the depression of the thirties was hard on all private clubs, and Forest Lake, being in its formative stages, was not able to sustain operation. Operations were discontinued in 1942.

At this point, all properties reverted to Col. George, where they remained until 1954 under the supervision of the Col. Edwin S. George Foundation. In the intervening years, the foundation continued control and leased the club for operation as a public fee course.

In 1953, Blaine Eynon and Fred Handren, who conceived the plan for reorganization of the club, approached Mr. Reville Wheat, the President  of the Board of Directors of the Edwin S. George Foundation and other officers of the foundation and began preliminary purchase discussions. In 1954, an agreement was signed to purchase all real estate and club properties. The purchase included a total of 125 acres with 341 feet of lake frontage as well as all buildings and equipment. It also set forth the general plan for member participation under which the club was to be organized.

Since the first official meeting attended by 12 members, a dream has become a reality. Work on the Clubhouse, swimming pool, grounds and golf course has progressed even beyond our optimistic dreams. The club has grown from the original purchase of $255,000 to over $4,418,629 in fixed assets as of October 31, 1986.

Development of membership was started at the first meeting at the Clubhouse on January 10, 1954 and by March 29th, 84 Charter Members had been approved and 192 approved by October 31, 1954. The club was officially chartered on January 18, 1954, and work began immediately to improve the Clubhouse. That philosophy of total and consistent Club improvement has continued up until now, providing members with the fine facilities enjoyed today.